Add-On services and products

Additions to enhance your experience without adding time to your session. Contact us at the time of booking to let us know in advance if you'd like to Add-On MediCupping VacuTherapy or a specific Mobile Wellness Network custom oil blend so your Practitioner can be fully prepared to meet your needs.

Add-On Services:

Lightwave Therapy device   +$5

MediCupping VacuTherapy   +$15


Add-On Products:

CBD massage oil   +$5

Mobile Wellness Network custom oil blend   +$5

Couples/Family Massage

Swedish Massage for 2 (Duo) or 3 (Trio) clients $100 - $130/hour

Need relaxation massages for multple people? Duo or Trio 1-hour Swedish Massage sessions are available for booking online! If you need a Duo or Trio of other session types, just reach out and we'll book your custom combination.

Custom Combination Treatment Sessions

If you don't see the service and/or duration combination options on the menu that you really need, please contact us for booking your custom session :)
Please note, there is a 1-hour minimum for any service combination. 30-minute sessions are only offered in a lymph drainage post-surgical series of 5 or as an Add-On to 1+ hour sessions.

Deep Tissue

1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions - $140/hour

Deeper layer bodywork that may utilize knuckles, elbows, percussion gun or sustained heavy compression to affect multiple layers of tissue.

Functional Massage

1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions - $140/hour

Addresses specified pain or dysfunction from injury or overuse, and may include manual muscle testing and postural evaluation. 

Manual Lymph Drainage

1 hour, Post-surgical series of 5 sessions at 30 minutes each - $130/hour

Manual Lymph Drainage aids the body's immune system by manipulating the lymph vessels and directing lymph flow so the body can excrete edema and cellular and immune waste. A 1-hour session is best for whole-body detox (recommended at least 2x per year) or post-surgical sessions that involve multiple areas of the body. Session may include lymphatic cupping.

A series of 5) 30-minute sessions is offered for post-surgical clients with fewer areas of the body affected by the surgery. All 5 sessions must be booked. Session may include lymphatic cupping.

MediCupping VacuTherapy

1 hour, 1.5 hour sessions - $140/hour

MediCupping utilizes technology to provide a higher level of variable compression options and cup sizes for intensive tissue decompression for any area of the body. This form of cupping is generally painless and very relaxing - most clients love it!


1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions - $120/hour

Scar tissue is a very dense fascia with unique properties that changes quickly and easily with proper technique. This work uses a casual, light touch, is rarely painful even for very new scars, and the amount of change in one intervention can be extensive, with profound cosmetic, nerve and functional changes. Natural and surgical scars of any age respond immediately, followed by a short period of rapid healing and continued improvement. 

Swedish Relaxation

1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions $100 - $130/hour

Gentle massage techniques to soothe the nervous system, relax muscle and connective tissues, increase circulation and aid lymph flow. 

VIP Session

1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions - $120/hour + $100/month VIP Access

VIP sessions are available with a $100 flat monthly VIP access fee. VIP sessions can be any type of massage technique, include the use of Add-On MediCupping and light therapy devices, and any Add-On products with no Add-On charge - all at the lowest hourly session rate. Everyone at your location is covered under your VIP access, so you don't need to hesitate booking other family members or out-of-town guests for all-inclusive sessions at the lowest rate.

VIP access also includes the ability to book unlimited appointments up to three months in advance to secure your favorite day and time with no deposit required, as well as free product every month. VIP access has no contract and you can discontinue at any time for any reason.

Not sure if VIP access is for you? Just reach out and we'll help you calculate the best value for your wellness journey needs :)

At this time, VIP Access cannot be purchased online. Contact us today to activate your VIP Access and get the most out of your committment to wellness!